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The C391 B high-performance small-diaphragm condenser microphone is a combination of the Blue Line Series CK91 and the SE300 pre-amplifier. The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, a low self-noise and very good transient response for a bright and brilliant sound. It also features the ability to quickly interchange its capsule with one of the other capsules of the Blue Line Series, making it an excellent mic for demanding broadcast applications. The C391 B provides a switchable bass roll-off/attenuator with three positions: flat, 75Hz and 10db attenuation.


Small Condenser Mic Comparison the parameters, but for the sake of this post I'll list them: Neumann KM184, Charter Oak M900, Josephson c42, AKG c 391 b, Audio-Technica 4021, Rode NTS, Audio-Technica 4051, DPA 4011, AKG c 1000 s, Audio-Technica ATM450, Peluso CEMC6, Schoeps CMC64 Shure SM81 I'd love to have your comments. Thanks.

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audiotechnica at4051 vs shure ksm 141 vs akg c 391B

The 391 and the 4051 subjectively sound brighter than the 141, which is warm-ish and detailed, with a fast, focused, almost "dry" type sound. The omni pattern sounds particularly nice IMHO. No experience with the cm3. Miktek makes a SDC that would be worth hearing. Good luck.

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Small studio mic cabinet

...wind instruments, hand percussion, vocal / VO. Mics: Lauten Audio Atlantis Charter Oaks e700 Shure KSM313/NE Ribbon Mic Shure sm57 x2 Shure sm81 x2 Sennheiser e609 E/V RE20 AKG C 391 B Pres: Phoenix audio DRS-1R Millennia HV-35 As i said, i'm pretty content with this assortment, although Im thinking of selling the 391 and getting something else there, but if anyone has any thoughts like...

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