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Jewel - Spirit

...original beds The drums were recorded very simply with really nice tube mics Telefunken 251's on overheads KM 56's on toms D19 on snare AKG C28 on hat Fet 47 on kik C37A's on room Coles on mono room U47 as an additional mono far room Bass was Paul Bushnells rig which was an Ampeg B15 and his pedal boards for effect Electric Guitars were...

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Beatles Egg Shaped Mics, Which Ones?

I reckon its a C28 plus tube extension, but if it is a Neumann I'd say more likely a km54 than km84 as they'd already used them for vocals by this point.

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2016 DBX 163X Modifications

I'd like to decrease 50 Hz mains hum a bit more on my DBX 163X. I've already replaced C28 and C29 with 1 F caps. Will going further than that help?

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