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Recreates the legendary C 12 tube microphone.Nine remotely selectable polar patterns from omnidirectional to figure-eightComplete with many useful acces-sories and aluminum carrying caseOne of the most famous tube microphones in the history of recording was the legendary AKG C 12. In spite of vast changes in microphone engineering, these microphones in good condition are still very much sought after and extremely expensive. Therefore, studio engineers vigorously demanded a rerun.The C 12 VR is an exact replica of the original C 12, from the cap-sule sound to the original 6072A vacuum tube. The only difference is that its self noise and some components were optimized to meet the current state of the art. No less than nine remotely selectable polar patterns, the legendary large-diaphragm capsule, and an original 6072A vacuum tube provide a sound that is simply beyond words. The C 12 VR comes complete with an aluminum carrying case, power supply, cable, windscreen, and spider type shock mount.


AKG C12 or AKG C12VR, which sounds better?

...that are known for sounding better than the usual models that 90% of us would have access to. Prior to the C12VR mic being mass produced, my friend had an opportunity to keep the prototype C12VR for a day to record. It sounded great! You can hear lead vocal on Bahu Baru's song "it still...

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T-funk ELA M 260 vs KM84

Please reread my previous posting in this thread. There are no Telefunken Elektroakustik products "made in China". The microphones you reference, AK-47 & AR-51, are built and tested in our CT facility two benches down from the premium mics. The statement regarding AKG purchasing our capsules is 100% untrue. Our CK12, CK13, and M7 capsules...

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The one and only, amazing cv-12 tube mic

Your original post was timely for a guy like me. I’m not a kid, but I’ve built a pretty nice studio buying yesteryear gear and upgrading the components. I know my caps, opamps, transistors, FET’s, Metal film vs carbon resistors and now I’m learning mic circuits and capsules. All my Chinese mics got me into...

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