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ResEQ is a universal binary AU plugin that gives you up to eight parallel resonant filters. It uses convolution modeling of an idealised analog-style peak impulse for extremely rich textures, and can do ‘parked wah’ effects of great sophistication. The thing is, ResEQ builds a really complicated sort of ‘parked wah’ across a lot of frequencies, and doing that creates resonant (hence the name) tones that contain only those frequencies actively useful to you. It’s like going bonkers with a normal EQ or three and ripping everything that’s not useful. The result will sound very different from what you sent into the plug. You can use it on whatever, though it was designed around heavy guitar, particularly doubled or tripled heavy guitar where you might want additional thickness without screwing up other mix elements.


Crazy new EQ idea inspired by Slipperman

OK, as promised: sound files. 24 bit, too :) Here's a bunch of dry examples: This is the ResEQ. Every example, even the vocals, is FULL WET and consists of nothing but eight bands of high-Q goodness, cunningly arranged. If you go for sounds with more dry in them, it's often necessary to not try to...

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Airwindows Pop: Mac/Windows/Linux AU/VST

...nicer would it be if I could work on stuff and really study it in person. Another example: my old ResEQ is a little bit like the resonator networks in the old Polymoog. You know, the one that's not gnarly like a classic Moog but has its own strange and deeply unreliable mojo… well,...

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Airwindows ResEQ: Mac/Windows/Linux AU/VST

...sold it but now this can take it's place. Uses less CPU than soothe was using - easier to use too. Using ResEQ with Ableton Live - I duplicated an audio track and added ResEQ until the resonances were more pronounced than before. Played both channels with the phase flipped on the ResEQ track. Resonance got worse. Flipped...

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