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ADK Custom Shop “Blue Suede” Z-Mod-67: The Z-Mod-67 has the early 60’s vibe. Almost imperceptibly Mellow. Scoops nasal, sibilance issues in a subtle way. More presence than the 47, and a bit more air than the 47, however the tailored top-end makes it smoother than either the 12 or 251 designs. Very Beatle-esque! It took our design-team five years to put the “DNA” of each Classic Valve Mic into the capsule tonality. We took an additional two years beta-testing Transformer Combinations for each of the five Capsules. We enlisted the help of the most respected ‘bat-ears’ in the recording industry, including the late, great Mike Shipley, Chuck Ainlay, and Ronny Brookshire, etc.
 We ended up selecting an American, a Swedish, an English and a German Transformer builder. Jensen USA Transformer: The Jensen adds a bit of a “smiley face” character to the response of the microphone. Translated, that means a lifted top and bottom. It’s like having a built in sweetening curve on top of the capsule’s response. Our Golden-Ear Engineers all preferred the Jensen in the Z-Mod-251. Lundahl Transformer: Lundahl transformers are known for their flat-frequency-response. So, nothing is hyped here. Our Beta-Testers again were all agreed the Z67 and Z-49 were best when paired with the Lundahl. The Lundahl keeps the top smooth and the perception of the mid-range is that it is increased. The lows stay well behaved – not bloomy. But certainly not a boring choice of transformer! Lundahl is a truly hi-fi tranny. Sowter Transformer: There is just something “magical” that happens with the Sowter and our testers all preferred the Sowter Transformer in Z-Mod-12 or in the Z-Mod-47. The mid-range comes alive in a special fashion! Lehle Transformer: The Lehle is a Custom Transformer with what is considered the most Audiophile Characteristics of all our Transformer Options. The Lehle when combined with the ADK-251 Capsule that adds even more sheen, creating a modern sound that closely emulates the rising top-end of a more modern “800” Series Mic.


Female Vocal Mic

U89 is the ideal tenor/soprano vocal microphone (my go-to). The TLM170 is also worthy of strong consideration. A Z67 as mentioned by Michael, has certainly got my attention lately too... and the 414s with the Tim Campbell capsules? There's a reason the waiting list is MONTHS long. Demand is that...

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Chandler REDD microphone

...and that makes it awesome. It's the same way that I see a U47, C12, eLAM 251, Brauner Phantom, Pearlman TM47, ADK Z67, U87, Manley REF Silver and such as great mics. I could use anyone of those mics as my only mic in a session and not be disappointed. Now a source may inform my...

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What vocal mic did you use today

...recording. So this was more like a year ago today, but at least I can post some sound This is an ADK Z67 mic, and I'm pretty sure I used an NPNG preamp and no additional processing during recording. (I'm posting the whole mixed song, which does have some compression, etc. at mix time...

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