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The S3X-V combines the X-ART tweeter with a 4.5" HexaCone midrange speaker and 9" HexaCone woofer in a studio monitor that impresses with its well-balanced and supremely detailed sound. Whether it is a complex sounding large orchestra or the subtle sound of a jazz trio, the S3X-V meticulously reveals even the finest nuances in the source material. The combination of our in-house developed A/B amplifier with the X-ART tweeter allows for maximum precision in the higher frequencies. The tonal depth and the sweet spot are easy to perceive. Stereo image and sound detail are revealed with full effect, particularly at longer listening distances. The 250 Watt PWM amplifiers of the woofer and midrange drivers working in conjunction with the 50 Watt tweeter amplifier enable the S3X-V to achieve an impressive maximum SPL of over 124dB per pair at 1 meter.


Unity Rock vs. Egg vs. S1X vs. Twins vs. ME Geithain RL 906 vs. KH 120

...and many more including PMC, ATC, K&H, Dynaudio, Barefoot, etc. (except the Rock, and from Adam I tried A7x, S2x, S3X-V, S3X-H). Bottom line: I had to stretch the budget, but the winner was clear for me... Adam S2X!!! The S2X was really in a league of it's own compared to those you listed in your...

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High end nearfield test

Yep, I'm just enjoying the demo unit now.rockout First impression, incredible Near / Midfield speaker. I have been using the S3X-V, had rented a Two18 of Amphion until last month. S3X was a good speaker, but there has been a problem the precision of the mid and low. Two18 is It was very accurate low-frequency, sound...

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ADAM S3V vs Focal Trio6 Be...

...for ns10s but 8000$ tight. If you going the adam route, you might like the s3xh over the s3h or s3xv to s3v

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