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emErALd was first inspired by two classic machines from the past, both known and appreciated for their unique sound and design; from them it has inherited their quite unusual operating mode. It’s a based on a legendary EQ with 4-band Equalizer and 2 filter sections, it’s equipped with 2 preamps switchable. The schematic behind this eq is completely new, although inspired by some great classic devices from the 60s, as you can easily tell if you take a look at the GUI. The unique character is just the same, waiting to be discovered and appreciated by those who don't know it yet. Enjoy!


Lindell TE-100

Would be nice to compare it to Acustica Emerald which is a kind of Klein and Hummel UE-1000...The UE100 is tubes, and the UE1000 solid state I think.

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Ableton Live – heavy? Considering an alternative

...should not be the issue. I'm not using anything super heavy; often use an instance of Nebula MFC or Acustica Emerald. I was also getting audio dropouts with Live using my earlier computer, (17" MBP 2011 + SSD). Now, the only similarity between my old and new system is my audio interface, UAD Apollo Twin, and...

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DMG Equilibrium settings

...over the IIR. But as always, it depends... Sometimes one will work better than the other. I have been using Acustica Emerald for HPF a lot more than Equilibrium lately.

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