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While designing Coral we have given special consideration to creating an innovative product that would be unique from other software products currently on the market: not only our hardware emulation techniques have evolved so much to make us particularly proud of our creation, but we have also tried to go beyond simple hardware emulation and imitation (although the final result may easily deceive and sound like a physical product).The basic concept behind Coral was to try to establish a transparent process through a strategy that is not commonly used by other manufacturers. The EQ is unique and innovative, thanks to the high number of frequencies. The compressor is also unique and innovative, thanks to the high number of controls dedicated to the computer gain. In particular, the compressor applies a soft-clipping strategy: compression applied to large dynamic areas is gentle and gradual, in order to preserve the transients from being cut off hard. Conventional dynamic compressors usually use a hard-clipping strategy, which flattens short transients and peaks abruptly (kind of a limiting strategy): when applied to a large audio portion, the result may be a bright yet harsh sound. The EQ’s strategy is also based on being applied gently and gradually on large portions of the audio band (so a large and smooth bell), impacting the overall spectrum balance in the most transparent way. We have also added an elliptical filter, which is often used in the vinyl mastering domain and is also appreciated in other fields for the low-frequency stereo control. To help unleash the incredible potential of our CORAL'S modules, we have created a BUNDLE including each individual module, enabling sound engineers to use each component separately, with a significant saving in term of CPU. CORAL REEF consisting of: CORAL COMP CORAL PRE CORAL EQ CORAL ELLIPTICAL FILTER


Acustica, Zino Mikorey and Analog in the Box are excited to present AZURE!

...of the beta team. We raised quite a ruckus about this when it first happened (I think it was with Coral or even earlier). The weird "moving but snapping" behavior is just that.. weird and unintuitive. I have never heard anybody praise it nor like it. I suspect most just shut up about it and...

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion glues adding density and rounding off the harshness while remaining relatively hifi. I definitively prefer it over Cobalt, Purple, Coral and Azure for tube coloration and has far more meat on the bones eq wise when compared to Tokyo’s eq. Wont even comment further on my UAD pultec...Then following Pureteq with Ivory4 makes...

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