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The Acoustic Energy AE22 Pro-Sub is a professional, active Subwoofer monitor designed to give accurate bass reproduction down to the lowest frequencies.


Acoustic Energy AE22 Pro Active ??????

...AE22s. On first impressions I was extremely impressed with the Neumanns. They offered more detail and clarity with better stereo imaging. My AE22 sub had become redundant as it was simply too much for my small room to handle. As impressive as it was, I found my mixes didn't translate as well when it was turned...

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Best translating monitors (2.1 system) < $2.5K

New or used? What size is your room? I use passive PMC TB2s, a mid-level Odyssey HiFi power amp and an Acoustic Energy sub all bought 2nd hand for less than your limit in the UK but I slowly and steadily upgrade my gear as funds allow. If going for new gear I think, if possible,...

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