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Access Virus - Still in Vogue?

Last two years I went through Novation, Moog, DSI, Korg, Nord, Waldorf (analog and VA) My best synth = Virus Ti2

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I bought a load of hardware synths......because because I'm an idiot

...afford with nicest keyboard action, use as your master controller, you kill two birds with 1 stone, I use the Virus Ti2 but a Prophet 6 or OB6 or Nord lead 4 would suffice also. * Get a nice sounding mono synth, MS20, Mini Moog or SH101 etc..get a filter you like, preferably not the...

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2nd hand Access Virus: what would you pick?

I would definitely choose one of the TI models, considering the upgrades to the engine. I also think there were some issues with patches in single vs multitimbral mode, where if you altered the patch in multi mode, it would also be altered in single mode, thereby affecting other multi setups that used the same...

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