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All-tube Direct Box with Level Control, Ground Lift, and Neutrik Combo Jack. The number of A-Designs REDDIs in use on stages and studios all over the world is nothing short of staggering. Quite simply, there just is no better sounding way to convert an instrument or line level signal to XLR. Designed with the help of top studio engineers and bass players, REDDI has been widely praised by engineers and bassists all over the world as the best-sounding DI solution on the market today. It is important to note that the REDDI is not a high-gain device! Its gain structure has been painstakingly engineered to avoid the slightest compromise in sound quality. Inspired by the glorious sound of the Ampeg B-15 tube bass amp, REDDI’s 6N1-P tube-driven amplifier feeds signal directly into a hefty custom output transformer by Cinemag – a key component to providing a harmonically rich tone. REDDI’S extremely wide frequency range (20Hz to 60kHz) prevents in-band phase shift, resulting in outstanding detail and realism. Another major benefit of its wide bandwidth is the prevention of LF phase shift by maintaining a linear response extending below the audible bass range, insuring a full, natural sound.REDDI’S distinctive bright red steel chassis sports a front-panel Neutrik XLR/1/4” combo input jack, balanced XLR output, and a 1/4” thru-put, for sending signal to a bass amp – not only useful for live applications, but also for simultaneously recording direct and miked amp tracks in the studio. A 0-16dB-Level control and a bright blue LED power indicator complete the front panel controls. On the back panel are heavy-duty toggle switches for power and ground lift, along with the IEC power outlet. The REDDI’s all-tube circuitry will enhance the character of any electrified instrument run through it – not just bass! Plug the pickup of an acoustic guitar through REDDI to add depth and fullness to its tone. Capture and improve all the richness and life of an electric piano or analog synthesizer. Warm up sterile sounding digital keyboards or drum machines by strapping a REDDI across their output – or two, for stereo! The uses are literally endless…


More free stuff....let's do it again!

. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, BLOKES!!! I just wanted to say RBZ was kind enough to loan me his A-Designs REDDI for over a month. So this is a HUGE shout out and thank you to you RBZ, and to all of you for perpetuating such a wonderfully positive thread here. YOU GUYS ROCK! Cheers, dudes!.....and thanks a TON, again, RBZ!!...

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What is the sluttiest thing you have bought in the year 2016 ?

...soundelux e47 next week Neumann KM84, Akg D12e, Akg C 451e, Yamaha Sub Kick, Warm Audio Tone Beast, Emprilical Labs Fatso, A-Designs Reddi, Delux Reverb. And an Apogee Symphony is on its way.

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What's the next step?

...improve the sound quality. Here's what I have: Interface/Converter: RME Fireface 800 Preamps/DI: BAE 1028 preamp x2 BAE 312A Phoenix Audio DRS-2 Great River ME-1NV Presonus ADL 600 A-Designs Reddi Compressor: BAE 10DC Monitoring: Event Opal Central Station (not using converter, just analog section) Mics: Audio Technica - 4060, 4040 2x, 4033 AKG - 414 B-ULS Shure - SM58, SM7 Audix - D6, i5 Electro-Voice N/D868 Sennheiser - 421 2x, 441 Software: Cubase 7 Waves (all) Soundtoys (all) Altiverb If you...

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