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Gear interested

I might be able to offer some insight here.I have a lot of the same vintage equipment that the Beatles used and record with it regularly. I also have had reissue gear as well. Here's what I have that they used too: a 64 blonde fender bassman, a 1965 casino, a 64 tenny (Harrison's was a 63) a 62 j-160e, had a 63 gent too at one time recently. I have a vox AC30HW made in England from 2004.
The casino covers a lot of Beatles tones using several amps. Fender Bassman sounds great like paper back writer , Vox sounds great and has a lot of Beatle tone too of course, and The Tenny and the Vox will get a lot of the sound that you mentioned from Baby's in Back to Rubber Soul tones. The later Beatles tones can be achieved through a fender twin. I have a 67 black face circuit, but that gets you close enough to the Showmans which are basically closed back twins. They close mic'd the amps so you can get a lot of the sound without the room sound of Studio 2. I usually use an sm57 to mic my amps which they never did, but it still has a Beatles sound that is recognizable. Never cared enough to try using my u47 clone... (Wunder Cm7). Do remember that some solos were definitely the tone of the board because no amps other than the board were used.... "Taxman" solo is an example of that.
The bassman is a hard amp to get. a 65 bassman is a completely different circuit from a 64 , but I have never heard the sound of a 65 bassman or later. I had two reissue casinos before I found my Holy Grail vintage one. a korean and a Lennon signature which is the closest to a vintage one. I can't speak about the new Chinese Inspired by because I've never played one.
I can say that the amp you use will surely make a difference in the tones available on the casino. It's a very versatile guitar. The Tenny has surprising bite when accessing all the treble on it. Put flats on it and it becomes a different bid. For that matter flats on the casino (Which the Beatles probably never used on casinos) makes it more versatile to cover the sounds of Rubber soul and on. Again, most probably not used on casinos but I like the sound and what I can stretch my casino to do using flats. (Just my personal taste.) Hope this helps.