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Hey guys!

It seems that for some people it very difficult to understand or acknowledge that the interpretation and sound perception can be quite different for another person compared to what you hear yourself. Our brain is "decrypting" the ears translation of a sound source to provide you with the best interpretation of the source.

Though this human function has many similarities the interpretation is done differently between us based on a lot of factors. The aspect of good feelings , bad feelings , inspiration and joy is also accounted for in this process whether you like it or not.
Its unfortunate that some felt soo strongly as to have to pm you saying you're wrong Audiovisjon, but I guess I can understand feeling protective over something they truly believe in and was a big investment to them.

But I totally get where you're coming from. By far the most important aspect in the end is productivity, achieving the end goal of a great mix in an efficient manner. Even though I'm very pro PSI and love their ruthless dry rawness and analytical approach, I totally understand why this wouldn't work for everyone and for some even make it very difficult to work with at all!. I've never heard the Geithains but it sounds from your descriptions like they strike a good middle ground between details and musicality. It doesn't make me want to switch monitors because after 3 years I've adapted to the PSI well, but I still respect your personal views and think this is still one of the best threads on gearslutz regarding monitors and I'm sure most of the readers feel that way too