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Strauss SE-NF-3 first impressions 2 !

Hey guys!

I´v been working hard for another week and can see some of you have been busy at the forum. Very interesting reading indeed.
I am sorry If some posts has passed me by. I will try to address everyone of you as soon as possible .

In my inbox I have gotten a lot of opinions about my first impression of the Strauss SE-NF-3. Many people can relate to the very same things I did and just as many can not.

In this regard I have to emphasise my point thru-out the entire test.... The variables of sound perception.

It seems that for some people it very difficult to understand or acknowledge that the interpretation and sound perception can be quite different for another person compared to what you hear yourself. Our brain is "decrypting" the ears translation of a sound source to provide you with the best interpretation of the source.

Though this human function has many similarities the interpretation is done differently between us based on a lot of factors. The aspect of good feelings , bad feelings , inspiration and joy is also accounted for in this process whether you like it or not.

I worked with a metal band a while ago. This guy was screaming something in my mic for 8 hours I could not interpret. I mostly got the "blood" and "guts" words understandable. This kind of music is at the very outer scale of what I can enjoy and I felt mentally and physically sick after a day with this energy. I talked open about this to the band and they of course had the opposite feeling. One of them said " I get that same feeling about jazz" and they all confirmed....haha

Point is... My "reviews" on this forum is my personal experience and can not be interpret as right or wrong. The perfect speaker for one engineer might be the quite opposite for another. With the Geihains I can open a 80 track mix, hit the mono button, and balance it all out in ten minutes. Its incredible. The only speaker I have been able to do this in a similar manner is with the Pmc Mb2 Xbd (which I still have nightmares about selling). Still ..I have to respect that some well known and respected engineers hate both of these speakers and prefer other qualities in a monitor that interact better with their workflow and sound perception.... Its all good and quite exiting I might add !

During this test I have seen a certain pattern in peoples opinions "behind the curtain" thru "pm´s" and mails. Especially the ones that own the speakers I haven´t put at the top of the list tries to either pick my testing methods apart or question my hearing capabilities ...

I am not feeling bad or anything about this because it is very natural to protect your investment by being biased about the products you have purchased. Many of the speaker manufacturer has contacted me regarding the test. Every one of them has stated that their design is the best and the other speakers in the test just can´t reach the level of accuracy that their speaker can... Again..this is perfectly natural because this is really what they believe and needs to believe to stand by their product..

I have not owned any of these speakers during this test and hope that counts for something. I try to share my experience as accurate, unbiased and honest I possibly can and do not at all try to offend anybody with my opinions. If I did I sincerely apologise !

As with most of the speakers I have had a much better second week with the Strauss monitors and will share my experience in the next post .