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Well, they still work for Serban Genea and Tony Maserati amongst many other top mixers........You don't hear issues with smearing in their mixes, do you?
Yeah, you're right that there's been some very fine work done using the Studio 100's but then there were many brilliant recordings recorded with the Altec 604's as the SOLE monitors. Really I think iit comes down to the people doing the recording, not the monitor involved. I've always believed that someone with great ears and musical instincts can monitor through pretty well anything that makes sound. Conversely somebody without a clue could monitor through Minimain 12's and still come up with crap.

The Response Two's are IMO a good example of the kind of sound you get in the home - pleasant to listen to but a country mile from anything resembling "accurate". Maybe the Studio 100's are way different.