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daniel, we are looking for new monitors right now...we checked pmxc and B&W already...what do you like better about the Strauss? we will cehck KS digital and ATC within the next week, but would love to listen t te strauss...mastering room is 45 sqaure meter

Hi Andy

I checked out several PMC's, but that doesn't do it for me. The highs are not right in the domain of the Depth of field, I always hear them closer than the rest. Also the impulses in the high frequencies do sound a little distorted on all the models. Also I have a hard time judging the under mids really. But I do like them for tracking, as I can be sure that my recordings will never sound harsh. And I never had the feeling I missed something important during the recording when I was mixing). But for what I need during mixing and also mastering they are by fare not acourate enough. B&W I only know the one at Abbey Road. I like to listen Music on them. But I don't like them for either tracking or mixing. The newer one's installed now I like even less then the older 801. To me the highs sounds very "nice", too nice. The Orchestra sounds much better than it is actually recorded. That is great to be fast in the Soundcheck and the client are flashed. But during mix I would have wished I had have something more acourate. Now with the big Strauss all aspects that are important to me (the to me is important) are better. The Drawback with the Strauss might be, that because Mr. Strauss wants to get this unbelievable Precision with a passive design a loudspeaker from him as big as other loudspeakers are more expensive. That is, because it takes a lot of time and thinking until he gets evreything right, as he will not implement any correction. Also he is optimizing the drivers. Many folks have around 10'000 Dollar to spend. With a lot of manufactures for that amount you get a quite big midfield already, where you also can judge the "balls". I.e. PSI or PMC. Strauss for that Price you get "only" the Se-Nf3 Nearfield. His next bigger speaker is already double as expensive (Se-MF1), not to speak about the Price for the Se-Mf2 that I have choosed because I wanted (needed) to get the greatest precision and wanted to be able to also judge the "balls". In a 45 squere Meter room the Se-Mf1 would be great and even the Se-Mf2 would work. The Se-Nf3 is what it is - a nearfield - it is more expensive than other nearfields because it offers more precision. That is what I needed, also for the nearfield, so I spent this money with joy. In Popmixing it is different. I have several Popmixers that also felt in love with this precision. I have others that said they don't need this, because they need something different ( less details, maybe towards a NS10 or whatever works for them). They prefer then to spend, if they have 10'000 maybe for the big psi's ore whatever to have a midfield.
Ok, way too long post - sorry. My fingers are fast sometimes when I am writing.

Btw. I am welcome to show the Strauss in my room. I have all Modells.
Then: There is also the MOD 401 - which is half as expensive as the Se-Nf3. It is for mixing-engineers that wants the Strauss Precision for less money. It really holds very good against the Se-Nf3.

Me too I would like to hear the Meyers one time - and shame on me that I have never heard the ATC's - just one final note with KS Digital, those I heard one model, that was not something that I would have considered as an option, way to cold sounding for my ears.


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