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Old 24th November 2003
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Originally posted by Jam
A couple of suggestions I would guess from the symptons you are using a PCI 324 card these seem to be more problematic than the 424 if anyone knows of a solution please let me know. But most of friends are using 424s now. There is a more recent version of the usb midi driver on emagics site ( V 1.3 ) than on any disks. Give that a go.

Hmmm, I probably should mention that the machine is a G4/400 bumped up to 800 with an upgrade chip. The 324 has worked flawlessly all along, so I don;t think it's a hardware issue, tho' it certainly could be ( and feels like) an OS problem.

But there is definitely some issue with the different versions of Logic that is also happening, anyone else seen stuff like this?

Thanx for the reply!