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Originally Posted by Oli View Post
It will be interesting to hear DSI's response.
Not heard back yet.

The support person was however very friendly and helpful. I couldn't ask for more from her.

I did ask for the schematics for the board so I could look into a few other things that were bothering me. It's not that hard to reverse engineer the bits I need but it would have been easier with the circuit diagram in front of me. But the support lady told me that it wasn't company policy to give out schematics. Which I can understand.

What is interesting is that I have had a look at some online pictures of the internals of the Mopho desktop and that seems to be built the same way. Which means the modification will work wonders on the desktop version too. See my forthcoming post about my ideas about this.

I don't know about the X4 but if it does have that random grainyness on the pulse width it may well have the same 'feature'.