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The Mopho's pulse wave...

I've got a Mopho keyboard and it's a great little thing. But one thing puzzles me. When listening to any patch using a pulse wave, I notice the overall sound somewhat dirty sounding. It's not very nice really. All the other waveforms sound just fine.

So could anyone do me a favour and try something for me? Listen to one DCO and set the waveshape to pulse. Do you get a proper squarewave at a pulse width value of 50, or do you need to make it 49? And secondly, take the pulse width to 99, has it gone quiet or does it sound horribly grainy? On mine it sounds grainy and the even the square wave has this grainy background noise on it.

I checked inside and the CV that controls both DCOs has a random digital noise superimposed on the correct signal. Which is probably not right, but I wanted to find out whether it was just my unit or they all do it.

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