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Ok... Let me elaborate. I have a 45 minute daily warmup that I've been doing for 20 years consisting of lip slurs, all the modes of the ascending melodic minor (jazz) scale (in all 12 keys) and a technical exercise from the lowest note on my instrument to the highest I can manage. I have to do this before I can begin to make music. Trumpet is a beast. That done, I will work on a new tune (learn the head/changes in all 12 keys) or a difficult part on a known tune. Something new. After that I'll take a break, come back and then PLAY. MAKE MUSIC! Without thinking. I'll play about 15 minutes of random thoughts... Purely spontanious.

Now, what I'm trying to say is that if you pick up axe and play the same BB King solo every day because you think it sounds so great, you are doing yourself a disservice. Self imposed stagnation. Learning the intricasies of a solo is indeed important and should be part of the learning of a solo. Emulation. But once you have learned it, move on! Who gives a flying sheep **** if you sound just like BB playing the solo? We already HAVE a BB... Learning others styles is of course part of the process of discovering yourself, so get on with it!

Anyhow, approach practice in an organized way. Write yourself a schedule of things you want to learn. Set realistic goals and by all means be patient! It takes as long as it takes.