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Ok, the following thread of a German synth forum is very interesting, it's by a German M1000 user (Fetz/nordcore) who has disassembled the M1000 Firmware and posted patches for the three main bugs of the M1000 firmware: forum - Matrix 1000 - Bugfixing (in German!)

The firmware issues are nicely summarised here:
[oberheim matrix-1000 : firmware notes]

The three issues fixed are the following:

- Sustain Level of Envelope 1 is impossible to set by MIDI (SysEx Remote Parameter Edit command)

- Envelope 2 to VCA 2 (parameter 29) cannot be set individually but only sending the entire set of patch data

- VCF Frequency (parameter 21) update is much more sluggish than in case of the rest of parameters

And here are the fixes taken from the above thread:
 byte         : orig. val  ->  fixed val -  description
    2 (0x0002):  49 (0x31) ->  51 (0x33) -  firmware version minor number change to 3

 3521 (0x0DC1): 153 (0x99) -> 143 (0x8F) -  fix for VCA 2 (parameter 29) cannot be set
 3522 (0x0DC2):  44 (0x2C) ->  52 (0x34)    individually

 6090 (0x17CA): 189 (0xBD) ->  57 (0x39) - fix for VCF Frequency (parameter 21) update
 6091 (0x17CB): 152 (0x98) ->  18 (0x12)   sluggishness
 6092 (0x17CC):  67 (0x43) ->  18 (0x12)

24136 (0x5E48):  56 (0x38) ->  45 (0x2D) - fix for Env1 Sustain impossible to set via MIDI
Basically by editing the above 7 bytes in the original firmware and burning it to a 27C256 eprom you will have a new 1.1.3 firmware where the above three issues are fixed.

I have a 27C256 eprom on order and will try the fixed firmware as soon as I get it.

All kudos belong to Fetz/nordcore from that German forum, I have only summarised here what he published on that thread in German.

Edit: I forgot, here are instructions from Fetz on how to replace the ROM with the newly burned 27C256 eprom: