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About the envelopes : loopable could be done, I guess. It's just more software, and there is plenty of space.

About the LFO : the random/square could reach 100Hz, but not the triangle. (I added 2 sawtooths btw). Again could run this 2 or 4x faster, but reaching a wave that looks like a triangle at 100Hz is not easy with the available hardware. Furthermore, if the voices are not refreshed at a similar rate, there is no real reason to have a faster LFO.
Fantastic, my logic tells me that the saws could probably go as fast too, right?
Because, introducing a fast LFO like on the JP-4 (80 hz i think, is appr. the max) really results in some rather nice dirty sounds

As for the triangle, that one does not dirty up the sound as much as the other waveforms, so speed is not so much of a necessity there, imo.

Anyway, i think it is cool that you are doing this, and although i cannot help you out at this moment, neither with hardware nor financing - if you produce an upgrade for the JX-10 that can be installed relatively easily (preferrably without the need of specialised tools - i.e. tech salary ) i'll buy one off you, no mattter how little i have to spare .

Faster and more envelopes and LFO's + maybe functioning midi would improve that synth so much...