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Cool with multipoint envelopes (loopable??? *drools a little at that prospect*)
To me the major thing that really has prevented the JX-10/MKS 70 from becoming a sought after classic is that the envelopes just didn't give that snap that you need for many sounds, not just the basses...

And slightly sad that there is no possibility of ultrafast LFO's, but if that is the way the old tech works, so be it

Just out of curiosity, how fast could the LFO's possibly go? 80 -100 hz?
About the envelopes : loopable could be done, I guess. It's just more software, and there is plenty of space.

About the LFO : the random/square could reach 100Hz, but not the triangle. (I added 2 sawtooths btw). Again could run this 2 or 4x faster, but reaching a wave that looks like a triangle at 100Hz is not easy with the available hardware. Furthermore, if the voices are not refreshed at a similar rate, there is no real reason to have a faster LFO.