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Great projects, indeed, but what about the people who own a PG-800? Will we have to use another editor/librarian that features those extra envelopes and LFOs?
IMHO the first step is to make JX-10 really sys-ex compliant and easy to manage with a librarian, then you could also think to explore unknown terrritories
For PG800 owner (me included).. I have to find a solution to control the new parameters that I'll add. The new assigner code has a mapping table to each PG800 parameter, so it is easy to rewire a control (could even be made customizable)

For sysex, the current beta image has a new implementation, and the MKS70/JX10 is common.

When I'll add the new parameters, I'll clean the roland implementation (some parameters are sent with 2 sysex message). This is done because Roland made a stupid optimization in software (key mode is a good example : there is a hi-bit and a low byte. I suspect that the hi-bit was added when they implemented T-VOICE and X-FADE modes). There are many examples like this in their code. I cleaned all this, but to remain compatible with the current sysex implementation, I simulate the roland output.