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I am the Fred mentioned earlier in this thread. Happy to see that there is interest in my project.

Here are my current plans :
- get the code tested (I already tested many things) on MKS70
- since I got a lot of requests for JX10, I am working on a JX10 version, and I already have a beta image for JX10, although it is less mature than the MKS70 (one obvious reason is that I don't own a JX10... unfortunately).

- once the code is stable, start adding the new features. To be fair, I already have new features running on sound boards, but with a faked assigner (just a PIC micro controller, used to test the sound board code). Adding the new feature support in the assigner (JX) is now easy with the new code. There is not much room in the current sound board (based on 8031 CPU), because the CPU is used at 100%. That's why I changed that old chip with a modern Dallas equivalent (80C320). It runs 2-3x faster (with the same crystal), so new functionalities can be added. I have 4 envelopes, 3-4 LFOs (free running optional for each)... I am now looking, due to popular demand, to have envelopes 3 and 4 running twice faster.

Just remember that it's a hobby (even if I design hardware/software for a living), so my availability to work on this will vary !

Great projects, indeed, but what about the people who own a PG-800? Will we have to use another editor/librarian that features those extra envelopes and LFOs?
IMHO the first step is to make JX-10 really sys-ex compliant and easy to manage with a librarian, then you could also think to explore unknown terrritories