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Software Soundset Modelled Reality for Chromaphone rleased on patchpool

I just released a fresh soundset for Chromaphone:


This soundset contains 100 original patches and 13 variations for Chromaphone by AAS.
  • *Achromatic Percussion - 20 patches / 1 variation
    *Chromatic Percussion - 9 patches / 1 variation
    *Hybrid Instruments - 15 patches / 3 variations
    *Pads & Textures - 32 patches / 5 variations
    *Synths & Keys - 24 patches / 3 variations

Modelled Reality focusses on physically modelled instruments like chromatic and achromatic percussion and mallets from different musical cultures, flute and string sounds, gentle and hypnotic pads and soundscapes, expressive synths and fat bass sounds, temposynced madness as well as mysterious and ethereal textures from a different reality.

You can view/download the PDF for Modelled Reality with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and descriptions for each patch here.

NOTE: Modelled Reality requires the full version of Chromaphone.
It does not work with the AAS Player.

Price (paypal): 20 €
Delivery: Email

Please allow me a few hours to process your order and send you the soundset via Email.

Product page

Thank's for reading

Simon Stockhausen