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Look, it's a lot of fun being a guest on Letterman. And you get to plug your book, or tour, or movie....... but the show still pays you a fee. That's the way our culture has evolved, but now apparently if it's fun and is an opportunity..... don't expect to be paid. Thin end of the wedge.
But, wait, these people weren't expecting anything. An offer was extended and they accepted it. You and I are generally on the same page, but I can't get your point here. There are those things that are forced on people against their will and against the law, and there are those things that they choose to do and that only affect them. What people choose to do is none of our business, as long as it's not illegal. This is not illegal, or even unethical since it's purely voluntary.

It's not the thin end of anything. It's just people wanting to do something fun, or people who think that they may have some useful advantage from doing it. No one has to do it if they don't want to.

Hell, I'd do it if I was a half way decent string or horn player and not scared to death of playing in front of people. No one could make me do it again if I didn't want to. And there's no way the core musicians are ever going to do it, so I just don't see the problem.

Let's not create problems where they don't exist. We have real problems to deal with.