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I had no idea who this person was, but reading her accounting of where the $1.2 Million went is informative. *She obviously thinks her fans are idiots, and reading the comments it seems they are.

-Recording the album, paying her bills and loans off. 8 months living expenses: $250,000.
-Pressing 7,000CDs: *$105,000. ($15ea)
-Pressing 1,500LPs: *$30,000. ($20ea)
-Print 2,000 art books: *$80,000 ($40ea)
-Jacket design: *$20,000.
-100 art books: *$30,000. ($300ea)
-100 USB turntables, painted: * $15,000. ($150ea)
-1,200 7" records, 300 LPs, 1200 art projects: *$30,000. ($20ea)
-Loss on 3 "not sold out yet" art shows (in cities where her gig is sold out): $10,000. ($3,300ea)
-20 round trip flights: *$10,000.
-Visual artists for the art shows: *$25,000.
-Amanda and her staff commissions: *$150,000
-5 music videos: *$100,000. ($20,000ea)
-Amazon and Kickstarter fees: $100,000.

TOTAL: * $955,000

=$237,800 left over.

Some pretty bizarre numbers up there. Anyone know what it really costs to press CDs these days? Press 180g vinyl? Cost for a catastrophic evening reception at a gallery that can hold 125 persons?

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Looks like some pretty creative accounting going on there.... If the IRS got hold of that, they would tear her a new one... Her cost for pressing CD's should be less than 10% of what she declared. Oy!