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don't think it's particularly the norm to pay people for sitting in for a couple of songs in a set.
What the hell, it's an opportunity for that many more people to get an audience they didn't already have. No one's being screwed if everyone's happy with the deal.
Of course everyone is happy: Amanda gets a free band, Amanda gets more audience members, the club gets more patrons without having to spend a dime, the extra players get to go to a rehearsal in the afternoon for free and then play a gig that evening without getting paid. How awesome is that!

In this scenario the "free" musicians allows Amanda to make (a lot) more money, give the individual clubs more money (more spectators at the door and swilling beer). the musician is allowed to do this for them. What a f'n privilege.

Pretty sad that this supposedly professional forum advocates performing for free for a group that is earning money and a club that is making money off of their talents. I have a big problem with that, obviously.

If there is commerce involved, all performers get paid. Period.