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Exactly. The people who insist that the world go back to 1985 are the same people that hate that Amanda Palmer is successful. You shouldn't find a way to be successful today, you should rant on the internet about why you are being treated badly.
No complaints about Palmer being successful from me. Very good luck to her. I applaud successful artists.
The question is, if it's ok to accept free horn and string sections for Palmer's tour, isn't it ok for REM to do the same, or U2, The Stones or McCartney?
Why do some artists pay all their contributors, and others pay nothing, claiming the volunteers are happy?
I know 100 horn players who would kill to stand on stage (unpaid) with Macca. They'd be happy volunteers of course, so we shouldn't criticise them, but I think anyone normal would criticse McCartney or REM for exploiting fans or desperate young musicians (if they did.... but they don't).