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Before, they only paid after the fact, now they are paying before the fact, and it leaves you open for a lot more second guessing and accusations. And of course, in the old days, it was the 'evil record company' who lost money if the work ended up not being good. Now it's the fans who invested.
Well, I think fans have spent millions or billions on stuff that may or may not be good under the old system, supporting the acts they loved. You couldn't (really) return albums or concert tickets after the fact.

In general, I think it's too early to say, and the fact that Amanda seems to be free to do what she wants certainly seems like nothing but a good thing for her.

I still don't get, though, why Amanda needed Kickstarter. They took 5 % of her million, which could have gone to the musicians she can't afford now. What did they do for her that she couldn't have done on her own?