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I did a search and could only find a thread about her kickstarter deal. Not saying it's not there, just I assumed someone would have posted this somewhere, but couldn't find it.
It got moved into the new magical Music Business Articles section, which means it's now dead.

Some of the criticisms I've witnessed believe that Amanda Palmer has allocated the money inefficiently, and paid people to tell her how to pay people.
She should pay some one to manage the money. To me, complaining about that is at the heart of this whole internet music thing. People who have never run a company have no clue what it's about. She's an artist, she shouldn't be spending her time doing this kind of stuff. People don't seem to realize that, if you are going to be anything like successful, you cannot do everything yourself. You have to hire people to help you and that costs money in and of itself.

People are also critical stating that in these times of struggle for musicians (and surprised you support her here Dean), that she is devaluing a musician's work, some have compared to the idea of an unpaid internship.
She's not forcing anyone to do it. If they want a paying gig, they can look elsewhere. It's purely voluntary. For some of them, it may be a good chance to meet people. This is very much different from millions of wannabes pumping out edited to the gills music for free, which devalues music on a large scale and benefits no one, and the people who get whacked by it don't have any way to avoid it.

The other thing people have to understand is that investment is a risk. If you give someone money, as long as they don't do anything illegal or counter to any legal agreements they have with you, it's up to them as to how it's spent. If you feel that they spent it illegally wrong, then you can sue them. If not, then your option is to just not invest anymore with that person in the future. If you don't believe in the integrity of the person you shouldn't invest to begin with.