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There was another big thread about this. The original post is incorrect, as is Steve Albini apparently. She has a band and she pays them. This is about extra musicians, which I would hope that everyone here could understand would be a difficult thing to support for an independent artist.

I did a search and could only find a thread about her kickstarter deal. Not saying it's not there, just I assumed someone would have posted this somewhere, but couldn't find it.

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And, for the thousandth time, people gotta learn something about business. A million dollars is chicken feed in business terms. She probably already has almost ten people she has to pay, if you include the band, herself, management, and a couple other folks like techs, roadies, etc... If she added another four or five people to the band, that would be a huge extra expense. If you have to pay that many people, including the other expenses of making the music and promoting it, you'd soon figure out how little a million dollars is. In the seventies, when it was probably almost 5 times as much in real terms, it was a lot of money. It's not so much anymore.
Some of the criticisms I've witnessed believe that Amanda Palmer has allocated the money inefficiently, and paid people to tell her how to pay people.

People are also critical stating that in these times of struggle for musicians (and surprised you support her here Dean), that she is devaluing a musician's work, some have compared to the idea of an unpaid internship.

Arguments for and against by some Australian audio professionals (who most likely have some idea of the costs incurred in this industry):

Turtlerock Forum • View topic - This will make your blood boil.

From LiveJournal

To answer Palmer's question "where's the problem?", I'd say the move, more than anything, is tacky. Palmer could have listed "Play with my band" as one of the "rewards" for donating to her album fund. She, instead, experienced the love and generosity of her hardcore fanbase's outpouring of good will and vibes, and then dipped into the pot again, in a very public and tactless way. Her fans' exceptionalism is no excuse.

There are musicians and Amanda Palmer fans who would love the exposure and the fun of playing with her. There are musicians and Amanda Palmer fans who would love to play with her, but believe they deserve to get paid. Those who will play for free will get the gig, whether or not they are better players than those who decline the opportunity (and, at that, the lottery). Palmer will value you as an "Orchestra" member if you play for free, so what does that say about how she values all performers and touring artists, beyond how happy they are?

Read more at ONTD: Oh No They Didn't! - Amanda Palmer offers hugs as payment to guest musicians
Amanda responds:

WHERE ALL THIS KICKSTARTER MONEY IS GOING, by amanda ****ing palmer - Amanda Palmer

Steve Albini apologises (sort of):

Electrical Audio • View topic - amanda "$1.2m" palmer wants you to play with her for free

Cellist Explains Why She's Happy To Play An Amanda Palmer Show For Free:

Cellist Explains Why She's Happy To Play An Amanda Palmer Show For | Prefix

Criticism from a fan :

Letter to Amanda Palmer - Amy Vaillancourt-Sals

I can (kind of) see where she is coming from, but as I read somewhere (can't find now) that at the worst, her attitude is exploitative and cynical, and at best, hopelessly naive.