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Old 16th September 2012
There was another big thread about this. The original post is incorrect, as is Steve Albini apparently. She has a band and she pays them. This is about extra musicians, which I would hope that everyone here could understand would be a difficult thing to support for an independent artist.

And, for the thousandth time, people gotta learn something about business. A million dollars is chicken feed in business terms. She probably already has almost ten people she has to pay, if you include the band, herself, management, and a couple other folks like techs, roadies, etc... If she added another four or five people to the band, that would be a huge extra expense. If you have to pay that many people, including the other expenses of making the music and promoting it, you'd soon figure out how little a million dollars is. In the seventies, when it was probably almost 5 times as much in real terms, it was a lot of money. It's not so much anymore.