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Logic 9 - Import Multiple Tempo data

Hi everyone!
That's one of my first post here and I have a tricky problem to solve. I hope someone has the answer to this ^^
I'm a keyboard player, I use Logic on my Mac Pro to record and arrange songs and I have another Logic running on my Macbook on stage with my band.
On my Mac Pro I have separate projects for each song, with complicate tempo automations and time signature changes. On stage, instead, I can't switch projects between songs, too much time to close/open different project, and we often play songs as medleys or simply connected without pauses. So I use a single project for the entire gig, with all track loaded in, appropriately faded.
On stage I have also MIDI files routed out from my Motu Midi Express 128 to command various instruments, mostly with MIDI CC, and soon to command even lights, via DMX.
So I obviously need tempo automation for keeping MIDI file in sync with audio running in the project.
The problem is...
Write tempo automation in our songs it's quite a trouble, it's a huge work, and I have already done it on Logic on my Mac Pro within the single-song projects, for ALL our songs.
When I import files on Logic on my Macbook, Logic ask me if I want to import tempo data ONLY FOR THE FIRST FILE, so I have done it for the first song but not for the other 13-14 songs to play live.
And write the tempo automation for all the songs we play live every time we have a gig make me want to kill myself. :p
There's a way to "export tempo data" from the single-song projects or import data from multiple .aiff files in the big project on my Macbook to keep tempo changes in the appropriate region?
About 5 days of tries and I can't find a solution for this T_T
Any ideas?
Thank you all in advance for help!