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Originally Posted by u b k View Post
Wait, the 2500 is xlr only... how are you connecting it with TRS cables?

Gregory Scott - ubk
I meant XLR to TRS!
I followed UBK's advice with the 1k signal (RMS).

The tone going out of the MBox Pro needs to be -12.7 in order to get 0 on the 2500 input VU (I'm using outputs 3 and 4). I tried both stereo and dual mono and get the same result of (-12.7). The MBox Pro inputs are set to +4 (button not pressed in).

I then sent a drum bus to the 2500 at around -12.7 and am getting close to 0VU on the 2500 input (but not quite). The peaks are a couple of dbs lower.

The 2500 sounds quite different now - thicker with a warmer bottom end and a softer top. I like the sound a lot. Now, when I adjust the Release, I can really hear the sweet spot - no question.

I'm starting to see that if I want a harder, punchier sound, I can feed it less input and turn up the Gain on the 2500. If I want a bigger, warmer sound, I can feed it more input and less of the Gain knob.

Am I on the right track?