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You guys need to learn about what neutral response actually looks like for headphones.

Ideally, it should look like this:

From the lowest frequency (that the headphone can reach) to 1KHz, it should be perfectly flat. Then from 1KHz to 20KHz, it should be gentle slope going down -10 dB (to compensate for the drivers being so close to the ears, as well as resonance peak inside the ear canals). This is what an ideal headphone's response graph would look like, but of course, it doesn't exist because nothing is that perfect. So what you do when you judge a headphone's response graph, is to compare it to this ideal, and see how much that headphone deviates from it.

There are very few headphones that come close to this, and you'll find them in this comparison review: Comparing World-Class Headphones | InnerFidelity

BTW, Tyll has his "Wall of Fame" up now, of the best headphones in all price ranges: InnerFidelity's "Wall of Fame" | InnerFidelity

(He will be adding the Audez'e LCD-2 and LCD-3 to the wall soon.)

If you guys are smart, you'd trust Tyll's extensive experience and expertise in headphones over ANY posts here, including mine. This guy is currently one of the most knowledgeable and experienced headphone guys on the planet. He has tested, measured, compared more headphones than all of us put together, then times probably 100. He's been doing critical testing, measuring, dissecting, modding, for many years now. All those response graphs you guys keep using from HeadRoom--he's the one who created them. He's got more updated and accurate graphs on his site now, as well as very educational and insightful, as well very fair articles about measuring headphones, margin or error, effects of burn-in, and so on:
Audio Science Guide | InnerFidelity
Headphone Data Sheet Downloads | InnerFidelity

Seriously, the best thing you guys can do to educate yourselves about anything headphone-related, is to just read up as much as you can at Tyll's website. It beats a bunch of back and forth debates, half-cooked theories, or regurgitating of misinformation between people who don't have nearly the same authoritative knowledge or experience as he does.

BTW, Piedpiper, you might be interested to read this new review of the Denon X000 series from Tyll--he said that Denon's changed the sonic signature recently and made them better: The Luscious Denon AH-D2000, AH-D5000, and AH-D7000 | InnerFidelity