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Neumann m149 and m147

Deciding on tube mics, I have it narrowed down to the Blue Mic Cactus and either the Neumann M147 or the M149. I have experience with Blue and Neumann mics, but not with the ones I mentioned above. I've used the bluebird, the stage one rocket w/b8 cap, I currently have a Mouse, and I've used a TLM103 before, all with good/great results.

I know the sound quality would be better than the Mouse with using the Cactus, possibly the Neumann's too but, how do the M147 and M149 compare to each other, besides the M149 being more expensive? How do they compare to the Cactus classic, smooth, darkish tone?

I think the M149 has the k49 cap (better of the two) and the M147 has the k47 cap right? Well, as far as better of the two goes, depends on who you ask...

Thanks in advance...