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But that's not really what John has always tried to suggest about 3D printing. From what I recall of the position he professes on the matter, politics or copyright hardly even enter into it. He instead claims that it will never happen; that the technology will never advance to the point where it can produce useful or complex items. That what so vexes me about his stance, in combine with the way he rarely misses an opportunity to denigrate it. It's very puzzling to see someone so adamant in his insistence that a technology -- which by all accounts is poised to continue developing unabated -- will languish.
What I'm saying - AS A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN INTIMATELY INVOLVED WITH MECHANICAL AND ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE FROM THE AGE OF 5 YEARS OLD ONWARDS is that on a technical level it's simply not gonna happen in any way remotely close to the way that certain pundits and fantasists are promoting it - like the flying cars of '50s sci-fi or the "jacking in" of William Gibson's first 3 cyberpunk novels. (Disclaimer: Gibson is one of my all time favorite authors.)

People who know and work with technology have some fairly reasonable idea of what's possible and what's a pipe dream.

Can one of you guys please pass the bong this way?

BTW - I'm not denigrating the technology - I'm simply saying that you bloody well don't know what you're talking about.