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Arrow 2nd Song Made in Collaboration with Slutz (Grow Up)

This is a song I made in collaboration with other people from this board. Right after recording it, I went through some stuff so I was in hiatus for a year and a half and never had a chance to post it:

Grow Up (0 tracks) by dreamsound54143 -

Mix: Luc Tellier
Drums: Ben Antelis
Vocal Editing: Jake Antelis

What do you think about the mix?

Now I'm 100% back in the game and Luc is working on mixing the third song for this album which I'll post as soon as he's done. I'm currently working on writing/producing the fourth song, so if all goes well, the full album will be done here in a few months.

Grow Up

Find the dream that you left behind
Now is your chance, and now is real
Now is for real
So tell mommy and say your goodbyes
Tell daddy you have your ideals

Can you see?

With your eyes wide open
With your soul unbroken
With the intentions to find, how the pieces entwine
Escape your prison and stay alive
Don't you ever go back, don't ever give up

Now you try to re-define
the meaning of live as they never lived it
they never lived it
See their pictures and create your own
If you make them what you want them to be
Then you've grown

Life goes up and down the drain with
all the lessons and all the mistakes
Growing up is not so bad
As long as you have, a child in your heart