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THAT SUCKS ............

The inverse of that is I had a guy who said he was on his way over to pick up my Evolver after talking me down a bit via email. ON HIS WAY OVER. Never showed. I had no one else coming but the lesson learned is the person in front of you with cash is the person who gets it. Never promise anything to potential buyers. Too flakey.

The good news is I popped it up on eBay and it sold for $50 more than the price I had quoted him.

I did land an ATC-x QFS for $900 which I thought was a really good deal. $900 was the opening price and the auction ended on Easter Sunday and I guess I was the only godless heathen trolling eBay for synths when I should have been praying to zombi Jesus.

I'd give the person who "engineer put it up by mistake" bad feedback. That's not cool. If the thing was up there it was up there. The correct thing to do was follow though and own up.