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There is no acceptable solution at all
no, that's not true. there is no acceptable solution to YOU.

and now you are moving the goal posts. at first you were talking about monitoring and surveillance, when I pointed out that no monitoring and surveillance is required you moved the goal posts to assert that the businesses operating illegally could have legitimate uses. well, no kidding.

but if you break the law you face the consequences. if you run someone over with a car, you are held responsible for YOUR illegal use of the auto. if the business are run legally and legitimately fine, but if they are breaking they law they face the consequences like everyone else. again, no monitoring of individuals required.

the internet is not a lawless fantasy land where ethics and law are abandoned, again, you might want to read up on the ISP copyright alert system coming to you this summer... it's happening, you can't stop it.

oh, and quiet frankly I'd prefer you started working in the entertainment business before I became I cubical jockey grinding out code, it's a lot more fun on our side (well, at least it is for those of us who are still doing it).

I'm not that interested in money, my life choices haven't really been focused upon it... but I believe that artists and creators should get paid if their work is being consumed and exploited, as opposed to corporations making millions or billions and paying the artist nothing.

there is no reason why the internet must be lawless to exist, that is simply a fallacy. an ethical internet benefits all people, not just the corporate ruling class.