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I have no qualms moral or musical about using a tool to accomplish a goal.

That being said, melodyne just sounds better for pitch/time correction and is overall a better product in my opinion.

That being said, using autotune or melodyne as an effect is fine. I think it can be used really well and sound really cool as an effect, using either for correction is a lot harder and sometimes fatal.

In the right hands it can save a track that needs some help and cant be re-recorded but its a judgement call, and its so easy to overdo it and get it in that zone where its just unnatural enough to be offputting, but again its amazing how much you can do with melodyne in particular before it sounds weird.

Like that dance remix of Journeys Dont Stop Believin? Hate it. The original was perfect - because it wasnt perfect, it was human.

But Autotune the News (really effecty) and Dinosaur Jr (uncorrected and raw)? Love em.

The guy who invented it, Harold "Dr. Andy" Hildebrand, was a seismic geologist and applied some of the techniques he learned in that field to DSP processing for musical data:

"Seismic data processing involves the manipulation of acoustic data in relation to a linear time varying, unknown system (the Earth model) for the purpose of determining and clarifying the influences involved to enhance geologic interpretation. Coincident (similar) technologies include correlation (statics determination), linear predictive coding (deconvolution), synthesis (forward modeling), formant analysis (spectral enhancement), and processing integrity to minimize artifacts. All of these technologies are shared amongst music and geophysical applications."