thread: Software New UAD 1176 and V6.2
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Old 7th April 2012
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Yeah...slagging of CLA is very bad karma actually (and bad for your mixing and your ears and soul).......this guy has stacked up too much success and made far too much dosh to bother putting his name on a poop plugin....''can't polish a turd''...''can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear!''...GOLDEN sayings from the bible of mixing...certainly not the fault of any plugin or the hardware it was made from....i guess some of us expect to simply drop a plugin on a track and crank it up and...hey pressto.....we are super dooper....
i'd say give it about twenty years too discover that this will never ever work!
Why do you think CLA leaves his pieces pretty much set to one setting and rarely deviates...because it does one thing very well and he understands exactly what he is doing.