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I like the idea of zildjian hihat but not the digital processing add on module.

I have a Roland TD3KW vdrums kit. I always planned on supplementing it with a real hihat for recording.
I am curious to try some software drum samples like the zildjian digital vault. The Roland CY5 hihat has the bow and edge trigger zones/MIDI notes. I assume these are utilised by BFD etc.

But I am also interested in the Gen16 hihat with holes in it. I don't like the idea of digitally processing the miced hihat sound in an attempt to get 20 different cymbals out of it. And when I listened to the 20 hihat presets on a youtube video my assumptions seemed correct in what I heard. You can only change the eq curve or pitch up and down or add effects like flanging etc.

I'm more interested in having a quieter hihat that is a real hihat and just taking the miced signal to my mixer.
For the same reason people buy vdrums when they can't have the volume of a real kit in they're house/apartment etc.

I am going to go and demo the Gen16 hihat at a local music store in the weekend. Hopefully the DCP module has an unprocessed preset so I can hear and discern what the hihat sounds like without digital signal processing.

This could give me a quiet but real hihat for recording with my vdrums. Real hihats have so much tonal variety compared to a sample. Even with two samples to represent the edge and bow. It isn't good enough for a reggae groove.

I see on ebay that I can buy just a 14 inch Gen16 hihat and it comes with the mic. I assume this could be simply plugged into my mixer with a cable compatible with the Gen16 mic connection and a male XLR for my mixer. The big question for me is: what will this unprocessed miced signal of a quieter hihat with holes in it sound like?

The con/downside being you can't vary the hihat sound with mic selection or placement. But I think I could try the cloth between the hihats like Bob Marleys drummer did.

So my question is can I just use the hihat without the dcp module. I would say the answer has to be yes, as it is a real hihat with a real mic.
I just need to have a listen to see what the resulting hihat sound is from this unique hihat with holes and attached microphone. I can also eq on my mixer and process through tubes or tape etc etc.

Very interesting product and it could keep things quieter for us electronic drummers that can't make loud sound in our homes/spaces but give the real hihat sound. I wonder what the mic would pick up in a room of other musicians making sound. Maybe an acoustic shield could be used to isolate it.

Anyone here got one? Anyone relate to my writings and ideas?