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Originally Posted by Jason Rabbit View Post
Hello COWBOY, I wanna call you GOD because you are the 1st.person who put on the audio clips of Apollo Pre.
COWBOY is the 1st. kind man in UA Apollo history. (Even UA didn't do that.)
Thank you very very much!

By the way, I have to say my honest opinion that Apollo pre is awful.
I don't know how good the MSS-10 is because I didn't know before, but I can tell MSS-10 sounds far better than Apollo pre.
I know the Mic setting was not good(especially when MSS-10) and both are boomy, but even that, MSS-10 is way better.

Apollo pre is loosing expressions at high freq., and mid-freq. sounds so annoying.
I know if you record through Apollo pre, you will be attacking audience's ears.
Apollo pre's sound is so .... dreadfuly hideous.
I think we can harm and destroy audience's brains by the sound of Apollo pre.
There exists some annoying freq. boosted.
I think Apollo pre is dangerous to humans.

However, the AD/DA is as good as Mytec?
You meant Mytek?
Because it's only the important thing to me, I wanna know if it's true.
So many lines to talk so much ****...
If you don't like it it's fine, i've heard a better recording too, and will experience it my self...
The guy just got his Apollo, and you're comment are, "thanx you're a god for posting that...bla bla"...and at the end, "you're interface sounds like ****"..
With this attitude you don't have any credibility, i don't trust your jugment at all, sounds like a teenager posting on facebook : "apollo is dangerous for human".. come on!!!

By the way the MSS-10 is one of the best preamp out there and cost the price of the Apollo on it's own...