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Old 6th March 2012
Lives for gear

Am I the only one who thinks the Apollo is too big?
I love the idea, but it's sized to go on a rack in studios where we already have big powerful computers. It also strikes me that people needing something with as much I/O as the Apollo likely already have lots of quality outboard gear which makes me further question that the Apollo is too big.

I'd like to see one that is Duet or Mbox sized so that we can use them in a mobile rig with laptops (especially Macbook Air!) Seems like the smaller laptops are what would benefit MOST from the onboard DSP processing. This would be incredibly beneficial to the project studio/singer songwriter crowd who is actually on a budget and looking for bang for the buck studio tools.

I'd love to see preamp modeling too ala Liquid Channel or Metric Halo Character.

A smaller Apollo ala ICARUS? would be amazing for a small portable rig where lots of guys like me are looking for one great interface and one great mic to do the job.