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So you think because a "big record" is recorded with a certain Interface everyone will have the similar results?
Then go get a 003, mbox, or a 96 i/o, because it's been done.. dream land
iPhone spell check..AU / UA.

I know the Apollo won't help improve anything other than your studio's looks and i/o. Talent, Persistence and Hard work will !! And investing a couple grand in Acoustic treatment will help you a bit too..

If I want an Apollo I'll get one. My Desk was $2000.
UA GEAR Owned;
-UAD-2 Duo and Quad with 10 Plugs.
I've researched UA aswell...!!
Buy it... Don't buy it... It's up to you. But if your going to talk about it, be about it. And no, I don't think because a "big record" is recorded/mixed with the Apollo, people will be able to get the same results. Everyones ears and engineering skills are different... But it seems like some of the people on this site base their purchases off of some one else's accomplishments on that piece of gear instead of just taking a gamble to see for them selves. And theres also people that apparently rely more on their gear and room more then their drive and skills on here. Not saying you, but it's apparent in some of the comments posted on this site. If the shoe doesn't fit.... But you do sound obsessed with "treatment" though... LoL... I'll pull out my old G4 and digi001 from the closet in my bedroom and still get a good mix... That's how confident I am in my skills! My studio sounds better then a lot of studios I've been to. Them songs/mixes that you said sound good where mixed in that room that for some reason you think needs a bunch of treatment. If you owned all of those pieces, then that's what's up brother... I own the Apollo now (just hasn't been shipped to me yet ) If I had all them pieces you say you owned I would still own them. They're all keepers! I'll have an extra quad Satellite with ALL of the UAD plugins to go along with my Apollo quad in 2 weeks and if you did your research then you know about the power & quality of UAD plugins.... I'll fill you in on the Apollo!

I'm more worried about if when I experiment with different plugins like the SSL or Neve plugins to track, can I get that tone you would get tracking through one of those boards (which I've heard both in person before) by just having the plugins on the track flat (maybe some tweaking). If you can...