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If what's quoted above is all he said in that speech, then I don't see the slightest stupid thing about it.
he sort of belittled the major studio, he also is full of ****e since he really didn't record in a garage like the common listener envisions. He recorded with better gear than 95% of the records out today The garage factor is moot, I mean he plays garage rock, he can get away with recording drums in there. The drums sound bad and that bad sound fits his genre. He sends a mixed message to his peers. He's a hypocrite. He records a record i na garge with 250,00 worth of gear. Yet his record sounds like he recorded in a garage with $5,000 worth of gear. Beside brainwashing a few mindless fans who will pay him royalties, what did he accomplish? Anyone who knows anythign about recording knows it was charade.