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Just to assure I understand. The picture edit was done to an MP3 audio file that was output from your protool session. So, lets start with the basics:
How was the music video shot? HD SD, 23.976, 29.97,24 ?
How was the music played back on set?
How was the music recorded and laid back into FCP for editorial?
Was the editorial completed using YOUR audio mix or from audio played on set and used as guide tracks?
What is the FRAME RATE of the video edit time line?
What is the SAMPLE RATE of the video edit time line?

The reason i'm asking is that I want to make sure that right off the bat the picture editor was working on audio running at the same SPEED and PITCH as the mix you were working on.

If the editor edited to the wrong SPEED you will never get it to sync. You'll have to conform the video to the final mix.

If you provided him a 44.1 KHZ file set it probably wasn't MP3, it was probably a quicktime audio file or a quicktime "video" file of audio. If you output the original mix at 44.1 and you are mixing at 48... well the basic answer is sample rate is not your DIRECT issue... speed again IS the issue.

More questions:

Have you tried to import the completed video into protools and looked at the sync issue?
Is the sync issue related to an overall consistent falling off of sync?
Is the sync issue related to a cut by cut issue?
Is the sync off from start to finish consistently?
How far out is the sync.. Is it off by a frame or two at the end of 3 minutes?

this one is going to be a bit tricky as I don't have enough information. call me I'll chat off line 917-279-4413


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